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Forget The Orange-Out, It's A Mustache-Out


An Orange-Out is nice and its a fine gesture. It will go a long way. But it's not enough. If we're gonna do this, we need to do it full hog.

This week, Syracuse is a No-Mustache Zone.

If you have a mustache, you need to shave it off.

If you have a goatee, you have to rock a soul patch for the rest of the week.

If you have a full beard, you can keep the beard but you have to go Abe Lincoln-style. Another option would be to go Amish.

There are millions of options for your facial hair needs.  Just not a mustache. It's not what we do when You Know Who is lurking.

Clearly, the mustache is a harbinger of doom. Look at what it does to Pitt every time they have expectations. Wannstedt  twirls the Wannstache and they lose by 28 at home to Miami. Every time. Even when they're not even playing Miami.

If you want to share your de-staching, feel free. Photos are good. Video of you shaving it off, collecting the trimmings, placing them on a Doug Marrone alter and burning them as a sacrifice...better.