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Syracuse vs. Pitt: Orange-Out Warning In Effect

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via <a href="">via Mike Borkowski</a>
via via Mike Borkowski

So yes, Syracuse is calling for an Orange-Out in the Dome this weekend against Pitt. And of course, this is the part where I ask the obvious question..."Why isn't EVERY game an orange-out?" But I digress...

The Dome should be sold out on Saturday. Done. End of story. For all those who have complained about not want to attend SU football games because the team stinks or because you don't care about our opponent, time to put your money where your whiny mouth is.

Yes the Panthers are 2-3 and nowhere near their preseason expectations. But that's part of what would make beating them so great. Pitt was the expected Big East champion this season. The Orange were an expected doormat. Everyone is still operating under the assumption that Pitt is better than their record and Syracuse is worse than theirs. A win here justifies everything that's happened this season for us (at least until everyone starts saying Pitt isn't that good and therefore neither is Syracuse. Fine).

Not to mention the fact that Pitt is one of our biggest rivalry games. We've played the Panthers 65 times and every season since 1955. They need this win in order to salvage their season. We'd love nothing more than to disappoint them.

Back to this Orange-Out business. Clearly, SU didn't just slap this together following the USF win. They've got a big plan of attack this week:

A partnership with the Syracuse Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity, the Armory Square Association, the Greater Syracuse Hospitality and Tourism Association, the United Way and Galaxy Communications is encouraging the local community to wear their Orange to work on Friday, October 15 and compete in the United Way Orange Football Friday Challenge. Area businesses are encourage to submit a photo of their team sporting their Orange to the United Way for a chance to win a block of tickets and Skytop parking passes for SU’s game against Louisville on November 6, in addition to a football autographed by SU head coach Doug Marrone.

And of course there's all those crazy ticket deals they've been pumping out there. Make no mistake, the Dome will sell out this weekend even if you have to be dragged there.

The most exciting part of the Orange-Out, however, is the very good news we heard today from SU Twitterati member Mike Borkowski. You know Mike for his awesome gameday drawings, not to mention the coverart on How To Grow An Orange. Someone from SU reached out to Mike after seeing his skills and he has designed the official Orange-Out t-shirt!!!

I have entered a partnership with SU Athletics and Manny's to design t-shirts to be sold exclusively at Manny's & University Shops.

My designs will be sold exclusively at Manny's & the University Shops in Great Northern & Shoppingtown Malls as well as

My first design is the official "Orange Out" t-shirt! On sale Tuesday morning at Manny's & University Shops.

Seriously, you have no excuses on Saturday. If you show up in anything other than Orange, I'm pretty sure they won't let you in. And if that's not the case, your fellow SU fans should citizen's arrest you.