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Syracuse Football & The Quest For Beef: Week 6


First things first, let's look at the Big East Standings and gloat:


Third week in a row Syracuse has been up top and now they've even got a win to back it up. Hi UConn!

Before we get into it, a note about the Quest. At the moment, Syracuse is in one hell of a position. 4-1 record, tops in the Big East and with a road ahead that looks about as easy as any in years. As such, some folks have begun to say "screw the Beef, we want more." And I think we can all agree, we would LOVE to go to a better bowl that th Beef Bowl. We're all smart here and if given the choice between the Orange Bowl and the Beef Bowl, we know the Orange Bowl pays slightly better.

That said, the Quest must remain for Beef. It simply must. Any Syracuse fan who has lived through the Greg Robinson Era understands this. We're like your grandparents who survived The Depression. We've been through the leanest of years and we know the value of a penny. We're not greedy and we're very stingy when it comes to our expectations and dreams. To us, a Beef Bowl is as good as anything we've ever had. It's the electric heater in our Hooverville tent. It's glorious.

And besides, when it comes to Syracuse football, it is better to under-promise and over-deliver. Better that we quest for Beef and get Beef than Quest for Orange and get Beef. Long way to go, people.

And lastly, do you really want the Pinstripe Bowl? I mean, really? Do you honestly want to play a football game outdoors in New York City in December on a field not meant for football? Have you ever been to NYC in December? The weather is godforsaken. Sorry, I'll take Tampa, Florida any day. I don't give a crap what stadiums were talking about.

So, please, understand what we mean when we speak of Beef.

Syracuse Wins: Four (Akron, Maine, Colgate, South Florida)

Wins Needs For Beef: Three

Remaining Games: Seven (Pitt, WVU, Cincy, L'ville, Rutgers, UConn, BC)

Cumulative Record Of Remaining Opponents:19-16

Most Likely To Beat: Louisville

Most Likely To Lose To: West Virginia

Current Beef Bowl Opponent Projection (CUSA #5): Houston (3-2). All I know about them is Case Keenum. And since Case Keenum is done for the year, I know nothing about them. Great.

Gordon Ramsey's Feelings On Syracuse's Chances For Beef:I have for you, the most A-mazing opportunity. So far, you've done f**k-all with it. You plonkers think you can beat Pittsburgh? Your special teams is SH*T! The city you live in is stone f**king cold! You're not talents, you're F**KING RAW!

The Week 6 Beef-O-Meter reading: