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Cotton Eyed Joe Is A "Favorite" At The Dome?

Of all the complaints I hear from Syracuse fans at the Dome, the playing of Cotton Eyed Joe over the loudspeakers at some unavoidable point in the game is in the top three.

(Do you realize this song is from 1994? Don't we have unbearably annoying songs from the last decade we can swap in?

Well, good news everyone. Now when that CEJ blast on the speakers in the Dome, you can put a face to your scorn.

Meet Roger Springfield, the guy in charge of the music in the Dome.

Music "accentuates the flow of the game," said Springfield, director of media properties and production at Syracuse University. "It's something that if it's being done well you don't notice it consciously. You just react to it."

Agreed, Roger. Pretty sure we're all in agreement Cotton Eyed Joe does not fit that category.

Springfield's process involves both pregame scripting of breaks as well as on-the-fly decisions to keep fans engaged. While certain favorites are played every game, like "Cotton-Eye Joe" and "Zombie Nation," the remaining selection is "done by feel" according to Springfield.

Certain favorites like Cotton Eye Joe? Who made this call? Who voted and named Cotton Eye(d) Joe to some kind of favorites list that we should reference for stadium music? Was it you? Did you do this? Admit it, if it was. WEAR YOUR BADGE OF SHAME.

Still, complain all you like about Cotton Eyed Joe but will get you nowhere. You know why? Cause of your politics.

Springfield says he knows that not everyone will be satisfied with every one of his musical choices, and therefore choosing the songs is "a very difficult thing because it's very political. The bottom line is we're not there to satisfy individual interests," he adds, but clearly his goal is to keep the fans in a frenzy.

Blame Big Stadium Music, they keep the little guy down.

So in closing, STOP PLAYING COTTON EYED JOE. Please and thank you.