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Syracuse And Akron Intrinsically Linked Forever

Yesterday I posted some news on how Syracuse seemed to be targeting former and current Pitt coaches to fill the open positions on its coaching staff.  Unfortunately, I didn't dig deep enough.  If I had, I would have realizes that this was merely a rouse to throw me off the scent of the true conspiracy.  That SU is trying to become something even more powerful than that.  Syracuse is morphing into Akron East.  Just as Akron is becoming Syracuse...Central?

When the Orange the Zips played each other in the last two seasons, something must have rubbed off on the other...perhaps some toxic waste was spilled on the field during play, I don't know for sure...but it seems as though a symbiotic relationship exists between the two programs. 

Exhibit A...As noted yesterday, Walt Harris might be up for one of the assistant spots.  Sure, Harris is linked to Pitt but he also spent last season as...wait for it...Akron's QB coach and passing game coordinator.

Exhibit B...Donnie Webb notes that recently-deposed Akron head football coach J.D. Brookhart has spoken to Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone about one of the Orange staff vacancies.

Exhibit C...proving that the relationship works both ways, Akron has hired former Orange OC Mitch Browning as the O-line coach.

Exhibit D...Further cementing this theory, former SU D-line coach Derrick Jackson has been hired by Akron to run their D-line.

Scott Shafer...if you get a call from the 330 area code, DO NOT PICK UP!