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Otto The Orange Has A Swell Roommate

Couple thoughts (cause I'm an a-hole)...

1. When he shows up, why does Otto look like he just got taken out back and beaten with pool cues by a couple frat brothers?


2. "My little dog Hoya."  Who the f*** admitted this girl into Syracuse? Let that dog die, who gives a crap?

3. How can Otto have a cough? 

4. Mark is a really helpful roommate.  Nice guy.  That said, how do you not know that Otto's gonna freak out over the orange juice???  Must be a Speech Comm major.

5. Otto (naturally) scoffs at the idea of drinking orange juice but is totally cool with eating a banana?

6. Breakfast Drink!  And totally not Nesquik...

7. Sports Drink!  And totally not Gatorade... (Otto needs a MTV reality show lesson in hiding logos...)

8. It occurred to me that Otto is seen waving a flag with himself on it.  Narcissist. 

(Good work, you guys.  I think we're all in agreement that the Flu is lame. Sorry about my snide's what I do...)