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You Have Absolutely No Choice But To Shut It Down

FINE!  I will Shut It Down.  Jesus Christ, if I Shut It Down will you leave me be?  Whatever it takes...

If you're a Syracuse fan and have access to the Internet, television or radio, you have most likely been inundated with the call to take It and direct It into a location that is Down with an action that Shuts upon It.  Hell, even the players won't shut up about shutting down.  They're even working it into their post-game interviews like some kind of weird viral marketing campaign:

“It left a bad taste in our mouth. We had to shut it down and get back our defensive intensity. We had to make sure that sort of thing didn't happen again.”

You know the song. You know the shirt.  But did you know the NEW song?  And did you know the NEW shirts? Oh, are you in for a...treat?

And if that doesn't whet your appetite by itself, I know what will...Juli.

Shut It Down, the remix.

47 people have told me to Jim Boeheim's website to listen to the remix and The 800 Song but I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere there.  If someone knows the cheat code to unlock them, let me know.

And seriously, if you value your life and your loved ones, you will Shut It Down.  Because Rob, Juli, Wes and the rest of the crew will not rest until It has been 100% Shut Down.  Allow It to remain Up at your own risk.

(Seriously, go buy the song, the remix and whatever else they want you to.  It's for charity.)

Update: The SID video and the post that came with it are gone from the site.  Hmmm...what's that about?

Update: It's back.  Whew.