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Dick Vitale Is A Schmendrick

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It's Tuesday and complaining about the polls is so yesterday but I would be remiss if I didn't bring to your attention the comical lunacy that is Dick Vitale's AP voting.

In the grand scheme this doesn't matter much and considering North Carolina's loss to Charleston the other day, this won't stand for long, but please note that Syracuse was ranked No. 7 in this week's AP Poll and the North Carolina Tar Heels are No. 9.  You might remember that the Orange defeated the Tar Heels back in November by 16 points.  Now granted, it's January and November is a long time to try and remember back to.  But in the time since, the Orange lost only once and the Tar Heels lost two other times to give them a total of three losses. 

Logic would dictate that the Orange should be ranked higher than the Tar Heels.  Well you can take your logic and go play down the hall.  This is NCAA athletics...logic has no place inside these walls.  Right, Dick?  That's why you put North Carolina ahead of Syracuse in your latest poll, right?  Cause sometimes you just know what you know.

Dick, you should not be providing your insanely biased opinion to an association that includes your insanely biased opinion in an aggregate collection of votes that determines the rankings of teams.  You just should not.