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Daily Links - Where'd Our Intensity Go?

Where's that Syracuse defensive intensity? | Orange Basketball Blog -
Pittsburgh, a team that resided second from last in Big East scoring statistics, performed better offensively than any other team the Orange faced this season. Some of that was the result of SU’s press, which on occasion gave up easy transition points. Some of it, too, can be attributed to the Panthers, who simply shot the ball better. But was some of it, perhaps, the result of a lack of usual intensity in the zone?

Orange::44: The SU Week That Was
The Big East Conference started for Syracuse both away from the Carrier Dome (and sadly into New Jersey) and at home. Syracuse was able to win another Big East opener, but failed to defend their home court. I, along with Orange::44 Correspondent John Brennan even managed to squeeze in some overtime women's basketball as well.

Three Idiots on Sports: About That Out of Conference Schedule
Three specific victories looked awfully impressive when they occurred, the wins over California, North Carolina and Florida. Well a funny thing happened since SU beat those teams, they've all suffered some setbacks. The latest, North Carolina's shocking loss to the College of Charleston tonight. Let's look at what's happened to these three teams pre and post Syracuse games.

The Saltine Warriors: Some SU - Pitt Thoughts
It really wasn't much of a fun game to watch, and I couldn't really pay attention to the game as much as I had liked since I watched from a box at the Dome, so here a few of my thoughts in bullet form. Rookie Flynn taking Wolves' many challenges head-on
If Jonny Flynn's rookie season were going to be any more challenging, he'd notice that the hardwoods of the NBA were at a 30-degree angle. So that, when he tried to push the ball upcourt, he'd really be pushing the ball upcourt. Otherwise, the learning curve has been steep enough on its own, thank you.

Washington game scheduled for 9/11 in Seattle | Orange Football Blog -
The University of Washington released its 2010 football schedule today. Its home game against Syracuse University is scheduled for Sept. 11. But then again, we already knew that.

Inside Lacrosse examines what the past decade brought to men's NCAA lacrosse - ESPN
The "noughties" (2000-2009) has been the most dramatic decade in the history of men's college lacrosse. It has been full of highlights (and some lowlights): the first NCAA championships held in professional stadiums, record-breaking crowds, two undefeated national champions (Johns Hopkins in '05 and Virginia in '06), the expansion to the south and west, the Duke rape scandal. Decades of slow growth ended at the turn of the new century and exploded rapidly.

She may or may not be sad, she's most certainly blind, but Boise State Sad Cowbell Girl will live in infamy.


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