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The Biggest Little City In The World Not Big Enough (Updated)

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Just as quickly as Eric Devendorf's reign in Reno, Nevada began, it has apparently ended.  Got word from D-League blog Ridiculous Upside last night that "Eric Devendorf got cut, apparently."  Which is weird because he was coming off his best game as a Bighorn, scoring 11 points in 20 minutes of action.

Sure enough, the box score for last night's Bighorn game against the Dakota Wizards shows Devo as a DNP.  Oy.

No official word from Reno.  His bio is still on the site but his photo is gone.  RU does provide some insight into what the issues might have been. In a recent fan Q&A, Brandon C. mentioned that Devo "looks like he's a bit out of shape."  Perhaps three games was enough for Reno to realize there just wasn't enough room for improvement. 

We shall wait and see if and when official word drops.  If it's really true, it's a shame.  Say what you will about the guy but at this point, his chances of playing pro ball dwindle with every opportunity lost.

Update:  Devo has officially been removed from the Bighorns roster.