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Fab Melo: Know The Name

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ESPN's Rise (or is it ESPN Rise) has a profile piece on incoming Syracuse recruit Fab Melo today.  Like any story about the young man for the next year, it begins with a discussion of his name. 

"The first time, I think I called him Fabio Melo," [Sagemont Lions head coach Adam] Ross says. "Then I introduced him to the team as Febreze Melo."

Ross quickly came up with a solution.

"I said, 'Look, I see all these Brazilian soccer players with one name,'" Ross says. "'What if we shorten your name? How about Fab Melo?' I expected him to look at me and say, 'No, how about you learn my name?' But he just smiled and said, 'OK, it's Fab Melo.'"

Tell you what...Febreze Melo could stick.  Especially if Melo develops a reputation for stopping opponents from running up the score on SU in the Dome, thereby "eliminating the odor" of a blowout loss. 

The 7'0", 265-pound Melo will indeed be a breathe of fresh air (sorry) when he suits up for SU.  The whole experience is new for any freshman but it's going to be REALLY new for Melo:

The recruiting process was a new world for Melo. When he came to the United States, he had never even seen a college hoops game on TV.

"I told my mom I was going to Syracuse and she said, 'What is that?'" Melo says with a laugh.

Some great insight into how Fab left his family behind to come play ball in the States and why our soccer team will be hounding him for four years to help out the program on his spare time.  Read up on the young fella, you'll be getting to know him quite well in the coming years.