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Marrone Ready To Hackett And Slash (Ugh)

Seriously, I need a copy editor ASAP.

The final piece in the coaching puzzle has been secured. Nathaniel Hackett has been hired as the new Syracuse QB coach.

Hackett, 30, is the son of former Pittsburgh and Southern California head coach Paul Hackett, who serves as quartebacks coach of the NFL's Oakland Raiders. For the past two seasons, Nathaniel Hackett served as a quality control assistant coach with the Buffalo Bills. He's also had job stops with the Tampa Bay - where he worked with SU assistant head coach Bob Casullo - along with stops at Stanford, where he served as recruiting coordinator. Hackett is a graduate of California-Davis.

UC-Davis?  Something he and DOC Gross can talk about when they pass in the hallway!  Marrone made comments about Hackett and new RB coach Roger Harriott today as well.

"The hiring of Nathaniel and Roger completes our coaching staff in a terrific manner," Marrone said. "They both have a great knowledge of the game and bring a blend of experience and youthfulness to the program. Nathaniel and Roger, and our other new coaches, Rob Moore and Jimmy Brumbaugh, are strong communicators and will relate well to the student-athletes in our program.

"The coaching staff we have is a good mix of experienced veterans and young coaches with strong potential which will aid us well in the continued rejuvenation of the program."

Random Nathanial Hackett Fun Fact No. 1 - He is the son of former Pitt head coach and current Raiders QB coach Paul Hackett.

Random Nathanial Hackett Fun Fact No. 2 - He used to teach a hip-hop class.  No, really.

While at U.C. Davis, Hackett taught Hip Hop dance for two years and was the President of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.

Intangibles.  That's what Nate Hackett brings to SU.  Intangibles.  That and a mean pop-and-lock.

So if that means the coaching staff is set, that also means we're missing one specific coach...the Offensive Coordinator.  Ladies and gentlemen, as rumored for months, that would be Doug Marrone himself.  He confirmed it in the official release and I can't say I'm surprised.  From everything we know about the guy, he's got a very specific idea of what he wants.  And if no one else can provide it for him, then he's just going to have to do it himself.  Sounds good to me.

Here's the full coaching staff in case you were wondering (I know I needed a refresher...)

Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator: Doug Marrone

Defensive Coordinator: Scott Shafer

Asst. Head Coach/Special Teams: Bob Casullo

Quarterbacks: Nathanial Hackett

Running Backs: Roger Harriott

Wide Receivers: Rob Moore

Offensive Line: Greg Adkins (also Recruiting Coordinator)

Defensive Line: Jimmy Brumbaugh

Linebackers: Dan Conley

Defensive Secondary: John Anselmo

(H/T: Mark)