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Syracuse Is No. 1 In Big East Lacrosse. Duh.

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unanimous (adj) - formed with or indicating unanimity : having the agreement and consent of all

Syracuse is the best team in the Big East lacrosse conference.  I don't think anyone would question that.  It's not even a contest.  Preseason coach voting on the inaugural year just came out and the voting says the same thing.  Of course, rules dictate that no coach can vote for his own team, so John Desko can't vote Syracuse No. 1.  That's the rule.  So tell me how this happens...

Syracuse is the unanimous preseason favorite to win the inaugural season of the Big East men’s lacrosse league, according to the conference’s seven head coaches, who were not permitted to vote for their own teams.

How can you be unanimous if one of the votes is for another team (Notre Dame)?  That's un-possible.

ANYway, along with being voted the top dog, some of the players also received nods.  Junior attackman Stephen Keogh was named Preseason Attack Player of the Year, Joel White was named Preseason Longstick Middie of the Year and Jovan Miller was named Preseason Specialty Player of the Year. (See the whole rundown here).

D1scourse's Patrick Stevens appreciates the gesture of the Big East preseason poll but notes, correctly, that until someone other than Syracuse steps up, it's a moot point.'s hilarious anyone even bothers with a preseason poll for Big East lacrosse.

It's important that it's here. And it provides legitimacy for the sport.

Yet until Syracuse doesn't actually take home the hardware at the end of a season, the name's reputation will far outpace reality. And since Syracuse has won two straight national titles and the other six schools have combined for two final four appearances in their histories, it might be a while before the Orange isn't favored to open a season.

Patrick also points out Syracuse's combined all-time record against it's new Big East friends...59-12.  Yowza.