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Harriott. Roger Harri-ott. Hard-Hearted Harbinger Of Halfbacks.

"He wants to coach running backs," he screamed into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no fire...except the passion of his heart.

Syracuse fans already know Davie University School coach Roger Harriott has "The Man Who Brought You Max Beaulieu and Brice Hawkes."  Now you'll get to know him as the new Running Backs coach at SU, according to Football Scoop and our friend SpazSports.

FootballScoop has learned that Syracuse has hired Roger Harriot as their new running backs coach.  Harriot was the head coach and athletic director at University High School (Nova South) in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What do we know about him?  Well, we're not just talking about Randy Trivers Round II.  Harriot played RB at Bostun U and later at Villanova where he was coached by former SU assistant Stan Drayton.  He spent his early coaching career in New Hampshire before moving to Florida and ending up University School.  He's built the program into a nouveau factory for college recruits.  Along with Beaulieu and Hawkes he's also mentored Miami's David Perry and Buffalo's Dwellie Striggles.

You can bet that Harriot's Florida connections are a huge part of the reason he got the gig, especially now that Drayton has moved on.  The two will now be competing against one another in the hotly-contest Florida recruiting war.  Have at it.

Update: Donnie's story is up. "The headmaster of the school, Dr. Jerome S. Chermak, said Harriott was on the SU campus Wednesday completing paperwork to join Marrone's staff. Chermak said he expected Harriott to submit his resignation to University School upon his return later this week."