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A Syracuse Fan's Rooting Interest In The Super Bowl

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At first glance, it might seem obvious that any Syracuse fan worth their weight in Dwight Freeney jerseys should be rooting for the Colts in two weeks for Super Bowl XLIV. 

Indy boasts a roster that includes Freeney as well as a practice roster that includes former SU receiver Taj Smith.  Up until recently the Colts also featured legendary receiver Marvin Harrison, who, might not be quite the beacon of hope that he once was.  But still...Syracuse and the Colts work.  We send them great players, those players win championships.

Hold the phone though...seriously, put down the phone...I'm talking to you...what about the Saints?  Sure, there aren't any Syracuse players on the roster.  But what about the Syracuse-related person who ISN'T there anymore? I'm talking about Doug Marrone, you guys. 

Doug was merely some kind of offensive coordinator for the Saints when he first appeared on our oh-so-sexy radar.  If not for his experience and time there, who knows if he could have matured into the fine young man we know now.  And they also did him the kind favor of letting him get to it when he took the Cuse job, not wasting his time with double-duty.  They even let Greg Paulus hang out and drink up the Drew Brees Experience up close and personal before the season started.    Who knows how many more INTs Greg would have thrown if not for that?

And so, I think we owe our allegiance to the Saints for this one.  Besides, Dwight's already got a ring.  He's good.  The Saints and the city of New Orleans could use this so much more.  Consider it a thank you present for Douggers.