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Daily Links - Believe The Hype

ESPN announcer says Orange could win it all : Sports : WSTM NBC3
"It's a game of great signifigance in the Big East but also nationally. They're two teams that are capable of winning the national championship," said Sean McDonough, a play-by-play broadcaster who was assigned to Monday night’s Syracuse vs. Georgetown game.

With more NBA scouts looming, Johnson living in the moment - Sports
They are NBA talent scouts - guys from Houston, Atlanta, Golden State and Dallas, among others, solely identified by the team affiliation on their placards. And although their purpose can't be disclosed, Wes Johnson is pretty sure why they're here -- he often hears about the extra eyes watching him.

Waiting on staffing; Orange loses a player to Rutgers | Orange Football Blog -
Is Malcolm Cater of Riverhead High School reneging on his commitment to Syracuse to sign with Rutgers?

Keeping the streak alive - Cuse Country
Add 2009-10 to the list, making it an even 40 winning seasons in a row. Forty. Hoo boy. Nearly 3/4 of the way to UCLA’s record

Gridiron High Intensity Training | Press
Incoming SU football player Michael Hay gets one hell of a workout.

Coleman says no to SU and the Big Ten : Sports : WSTM NBC3
Coleman responded he had never even heard of that rumor, that Saturday was the first he had heard of it. We asked what he thought about it, and before Alex Dunbar could even finish his sentence, Coleman responded with a bold "No!".

"Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, UConn and Syracuse," Selby replied when asked for his list of schools he’s considering Saturday night.

Monday Tip: Popping the clutch - College Basketball -
If you could pick one player to handle the ball with the game in the balance, whom would you choose? One writer says Wes Johnson.

Syracuse Orange sophomore forward Kris Joseph highlight mix.

The Mutant Orangeman clothing line had a launch party last night.  Pearl Washington was there!