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Syracuse Defeats Georgetown: The Pictorial

So many great images from last night's game.  Here's a handful...

Otto's Army becoming an actual army (via Jameson)


Big Head Wes. (via Jameson)


Big Head Bernie Fine?  Sure. (via Jameson)


And how bout plaid jacket Boeheim making an appearance (via


THIS. (via Jameson)


I don't know what's more disturbing.  Orange Man or the girl checking him out. (via


A Syracuse fan wearing a Patrick Ewing jersey to a Georgetown game?  Either he's the worst sports bigamist since The Big Lead guys or he's clueless. (via stmazur)


I like this guy's enthusiasm.  I do not like his gray undershirt.  I especially do not like the Christmas sweater-wearer over his shoulder.  WTF? (via phishb13)


But wait, he is...he's only...he's just a....GENIUS! (via


How much more Syracuse fan can Dan Lyons (a.k.a. blackknight76) get?  None.  None more Syracuse fan. (via


In this crazy, mixed-up world where you never know what's just around the bend, you find love where you can.  Because love doesn't care what team you root for.  Love is jersey-blind.  That said...this can't possibly end well. (via Jameson)