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Syracuse Defeats Georgetown: A Videography

Some of the many wonderful videos from last night's pasting of Georgetown.

First up, there were a lot of Big Heads in the crowd.  Jimmy B, Wes...even Bernie Fine.  But wither Big Head Scoop?  Don't think Mr. Jardine didn't notice!

Gauntlet.  Laid down.  My only fear...there will be 37 Scoop Jardine heads in the student section next game.  Then again...would that be so bad?

Speaking of the student section, give it the f*** up for those guys.  These guys need to get together with the football fans...cause clearly they can't be from the same student populus.

Jimmy B in rare form in the presser. Discussing his giant visage in the crowd (5:20) and his theories on being "premature" (5:45).

Syracuse vs. Georgetown Basketball: Coach Jim Boeheim

Ladies and gentlemen...Orange Bandit & Gumby

Postgame comments from Wes Johnson, Kris Joseph, Scoop Jardine, Andy Rautins, Arinze Onuaku and Rick Jackson (Who is that sitting behind Arinze at 3:20?  Nobody wants to talk to him...I feel bad...)

Syracuse vs. Georgetown Basketball: Post-game Locker Room

Jimmy's presser from another angle (juice the volume!)

Syracuse-Gtown recamp from Tyler & Conor at the D.O.