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At Georgetown, Work Takes Preference Over Partying

That sentence up there?  That's not correct.  What a learned person would say when trying to explain how a select group of people value hard work over extracurricular activities is "work takes precedence over partying."

But that's what you get when you're dealing with Georgetown students.

I've been watching The's breakdown of Georgetown University and I'm learning a lot about our friends from the D.C., including...

"Students at Georgetown are all really motivated..but not super competitive."  Obviously.

"There's not a night when someone doesn't have the random hook-up with people."  How else do you think viruses spread so quickly there?

"I would say that the people here are very attractive."  You would.

From The Setting: "The Exorcist has a really interesting story with regards to Georgetown and it adds an extra element of horror that something so horrific took place one block off of your college campus."

No. 1 - What?

No. 2 - It was a movie, buddy.  Nothing actually horrific happened.

No. 3 - An "extra" element of horror?  What other secrets are you hiding?

No. 4 - WHAT?