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Daily Links - The Win Over Marquette And More

SU-Marquette Recap | The Axeman - Brent Axe -
Syracuse is a very good team and has a lot of talent from top to bottom, but the difference maker is Wes. He has stand out talent, star quality, and the "it" factor and has become that player a team needs to lean on in order to be in the Top 5 and hopefully can lean on to go far in the NCAA Tournament.

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse Marquette Observations
Andy Rautins didn't score and only took two shots, but the interesting thing is he COULD have scored if he wanted too -- or at least forced up 5 or 6 more shots. In the second half he consistently passed up shots to find open team mates for better shots. A more selfish player would have hoisted a few -- but Andy could care less. He just wants to win.

Marq it down - Cuse Country
That was a great, fun game sandwiched in between about 4 minutes of shit on each end.

Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting and Podcasts.
Well, after a win over Marquette in front of a class of 2011 stud, the Per'fesser might have a line of his own for Buzz Williams, JT 3, Jay Wright, and anyone else who wants to wander up to CNY.

A Tail Of Two Series |
Saturday afternoon, we saw SU execute at their best, but we also saw them execute at their worst.

OrangeHoops: This and That... and the Orangemen are 19-1!
I assume I’m in the same class as many other Orange fans these days, but I really enjoy watching these guys win. The extra pass on several occasions, the blocked shot when needed, a Wes Johnson highlight play or two a game. The 2009-2010 Orangemen are a lot of fun to watch. And of course, being 19-1 helps out with that enjoyment. But I think they would be fun if they were 13-6.

Transfer Wes Johnson Finds Paradise at Syracuse -
After three high schools, a six-month stretch playing pickup games at a junior college and affiliations with three other colleges, the Syracuse junior forward Wes Johnson has proved to be an outlier. His halogen smile shows his happiness, and his production for a Syracuse team that has gone from being unranked to a Final Four front-runner makes him an overachiever.

Forbes lists biggest flops of last five years - Yahoo! Movies
Among Hollywood's biggest flop of the past five years, The Express, which failed to earn back 75% of its production budget.

'Jersey Shore' themed fraternity parties dominate weekend night life - Feature
Do not be alarmed if every store around Syracuse University is out of hair gel. After a weekend full of fraternities coincidently hosting "Jersey Shore"-themed parties, it is safe to say that many students gelled up for a night full of fist-pumping and hair poofs, as Syracuse transformed into Seaside Heights, N.J.

Check out the sights and sounds from every Big East Game so far for the Orange. Game-calls courtesy of 88.3 WAER-FM.