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Syracuse Bits, Bobs & Other Assorted Business

You guys were busy this weekend!  Lots of goodies in my inbox (not a metaphor).  So many that I figured we could just jam them all together and make a sort of collage of peccadilloes for everyone.  Enjoy.

First up, Adam S. send over a photo of the SU-Marquette boxscore courtest of  Apparantly for at least a while, Paul Harris was back on the team and played 20 minutes.  Musta missed that.  (He's since been "replaced" by Scoop Jardine...and Brandon Triche has also returned).


Gregg M. sends over this photo of the Syracuse basketball team battle-planning for their game against the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy...wait, what?  Hey....what's with the burgundy???  It's started already???


Actually no, that's Susquehanna University sporting a very familiar uniform design and color configuration.  The thing that really should have tipped us off?  They're still using "44."  Well, at least somebody is...

If you've been the in the past few days then you already know about this one.  We've spoken about The Gerry McNamara Effect before (Use Gerry as your spokesman, profits increase Eleventy-Hundred Percent). We continue to see it in practice. (Thanks to James G. for the screengrab).


I'm sorry, but why they're isn't a commercial where a Jim Boeheim look-alike screams "And I'm sitting here listening to people say the 2011 KIA Sorrento is overrated?  That's about the most bulls**t thing I've ever heard!" I was a marketing major, I know what I'm talking about.  I learned about the 4 P's, you guys.

Keep'm coming, folks.