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In The Post-Apocalyptic Future, All The Cool Kids Will Wear Syracuse Gear

If I had to guess, and it's simply just that, a guess...someone from Nike time traveled into the year 2157.  Once there, he or she learned that a nuclear explosion had wreaked havoc on the world.  He or she quickly found clothing (because only human tissue can time travel, no cloth) and befriended some locals who live in a society based on the barter system. 

Only a few things that we know now still remain.  The Seton Hall-Rutgers rivalry, obviously. Also, Syracuse University still stands.  However, things are...different. 

With any nuclear holocaust, you're going to have side effects.   Things will invariable change.  Mutate, if you will.  One of those things?  Otto the Orange.


Probably the most disturbing thing part of Otto's nuclear mutation...not so much the giant claw hand.  Rather, it's the feet.  What the hell happened there?  How does he remain upright?  There's no way those slivers can hold up his gargantuan orange body.

But that's not the only fallout.  The Syracuse Logo itself is changed.  Mutated, as well.  And it seems like it may have been left in some radioactive Mountain Dew because, in the future, it's TOTALLY EXTREME!!!


I wanna go snowboard while listening to Mastadon and cutting myself, this is so f***ing extreme!!!

And so, this time traveling Nike person returned to our, less-extreme, less-mutated time and brought back the fashions of the future so that we could enjoy them today.  Check out the entire collection on Facebook here and marvel at the world of Syracuse athletics ahead.  My favorite?  The gray hoodie with the mutant Otto, "extreme" 44 and camo interior.  I will assume that the Knowledge writing pictured here is on the sleeve, which just makes it perfect.  Knowledge!!!

Is "f***ing clown shoes" still a phrase the kids say?  Like if something is silly or retarded, it's f***ing clown shoes?  That's how that works, right? 

I'm the last person in the world who should be judging fashion, but, this is f***ing clown shoes.

H/T: Mark B, who makes a great point.  "At least we know at some time between now and 2157 we’ll be the Orangemen again."