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Daily Links - Cuse Among Elite

NCAA College Basketball Power Rankings - NCAA Basketball - ESPN
Bilas, Forde, Fraschilla and Gottlieb have the Orange 4th, Katz says 5th.

Doug Gottlieb Is Wrong - Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting and Podcasts
Yes he's wrong in many more ways than we're talking about here, but he's particularly wrong about the SU defense.

Q & A: ESPN’s Dana O’Neil | Inside the Hall | An Indiana Hoosiers basketball blog
Final Four: I’m going to be stubborn with my pick and say Michigan State, Kentucky, Texas and Syracuse. I’m hesitant to count out Kansas because I think that maybe their midseason hiccup might be the best thing that happened to them, but going with what I see right now, I can’t put them in. I’m also flipping a coin between Villanova and Syracuse because I think either one could be there and I’d be stunned if neither one was.

Three Idiots on Sports: Rob Murphy's Head -- Naturally Shiny
SU assistant coach Rob Murphy has finally answered the burring question we've been wanting to know for some time -- how does he keep his head so shiny? Well, it's all natural people.

Best player in college basketball? Our panel says Kentucky's John Wall -
No surprise: Freshman John Wall of Kentucky is the front-runner. Wall, a 6-foot-4 guard, is averaging 17.1 points, 6.9 assists and 3.7 rebounds a game. Wes Johnson comes in 5th.

Syracuse IS The Real Deal! |
Is this team good enough to beat anyone in the country? I would say yes. Is the defense good enough to get a number 1 seed in the tourney? Arguably yes. Is it talented enough to win a National Championship? You betcha! – It seems to have worked in 2003.

The Big East is balanced on the recruiting front, but USF has the only ESPNU 150 prospect. - ESPN
The Orangemen don't lack numbers in the recruiting class for 2010. As a matter of fact, they may not know where to put them all since they already have 27 verbals. What the class has in quantity, however, it lacks in quality. There are no four-star players and only eight three stars. The class is surprisingly heavy in running backs with four commits at that position. Syracuse also has landed two quarterbacks to add to the skilled positions. - Rumor Mill on Coaching Changes and Scoop in College/NFL Football
"Sources tell us that Head Coach Doug Marrone has talked with New Orleans Quarterbacks Coach, Joe Lombardi, for it's Offensive Coordinator position."

Big East Mid-Season Report : Sports : WSTM NBC3
So here's the state of the Big East as I see it. Think of it as a very early Bubble Watch/ Bracketology rant. The conference can basically be dived into four tiers at this point.

Dear John " Hoya Suxa
Please don’t take this too hard, John. Remember when you walked out on Georgetown during the ‘98-’99 basketball season? Well, this is just like that except that I’ll never want my old job back.

Top Big East programs of the decade - Big East Blog - ESPN
Believe it or not, Syracuse isn't the worst.

Big East teams of the decade - Big East Blog - ESPN
Who were the Big East football teams of the decade?