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Syracuse University Just Blue Itself

I guess technically the correct version would be that it de-blued itself, but that doesn't work quite as well.

Some fans have been griping for a while now when it comes to the basketball uniforms.  Where's the blue? Not over here either!  And what's with all this gray?  Since blue is generally recognized as our secondary color and prominent in most of our uniforms, it's seemed a little, well, curious. The word on the street, according to CNYCentral, is that the Orange are phasing out blue as a secondary color and turning into more of an "accent color" on the same level as gray, black and white (don't get me started on burgundy).

While orange is the school's official color, there's no denying blue has been a prominent accent color. Now, blue will not be as prominent. A spokesperson says the University has been phasing in other complimentary colors. Look at the basketball uniforms, there's no blue, only orange and grey.

People may not have noticed, but the University has been using charcoal grey, burgundy, black and white as accent colors, as seen in the University's capital campaign, and more so when the University revamped it's homepage last summer.

There are greater tragedies in the world, I suppose.  I can't imagine we'll lose blue from the football unis anytime soon, though I never say never when it comes to SU uniform upheaval.  We've learned some valuable lessons when it comes to all-orange kits, I highly doubt we'll go down that road lightly again.

H/T: MGordon23 & Dale W.

Update:  Apparently we're all out of the loop.  SU officially dropped blue as a secondary color three years ago.  Must've missed that one.  Thanks, Gelb.