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No One Mention The Word Three-Peat Until We Actually Do It

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That was the theme of yesterday's media day for Syracuse Lacrosse.  The team is in search of it's third-straight...sorry, sorry, not allowed to talk about it...

"I’ve never been one to talk about national championships on the opening day of practice," Desko said. "For everybody who talks about defending national championships, I’ve never talked about it. Those championships from previous years are in the bank. I’m not defending those. They’re there and they’re always going to be there. We’d much rather climb the mountain than stand on top of it and try to push everybody aside."

Desko's message seems to have seeped down into his players as well, even if the core of it got a little jumbled.

"No one is thinking three-peat," said senior attackman Cody Jamieson, whose overtime goal gave the Orange a dramatic 10-9 victory over Cornell in last season’s title game. "We’re all just here to win a national championship, and that’s it. That’s all it comes down to."

Okay, so if I'm following Cody can't talk about a three-peat, but you're more than welcome to talk about winning one national championship, separate from the two previous national champions won consecutively in the two past seasons.  Semantics, people. 

Watch Dave Rahme's video below, check out the photo gallery and the Just Lacrosse photo gallery and get in the proper lacrosse mindframe.  The season starts Friday, Feb. 19 in the Dome against Denver.

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