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The Mookpocalypse

The apartment break-in is a setback, but it's nothing that Mookie Jones can't rise above.  Like the many setbacks, time and time again Mr. Jones has come out on top.  He proved his worth on the court last night against Rutgers.  And now, he's proving his worth on the mic.

Courtesy of StrawHatGuy and some other fine folks on the SU-Rutgers GameThread...I give you The Mookpocalypse.


Track List:

1-"I Gotta Hunch [Imma take you to lunch]"

2-"The Only Thing Transferring is Your Face"

3-"Shut it Down-er" feat Rob Murphy & LOL Catz

4-"Do it All Paul [kept the doghouse clean!]" feat Kueth D. & T REXX.

5-"F*** it? Chuck it!" pt. 1

6-"F*** it? Chuck it!" pt. 2 feat Don-Tay

7-"Nice RAC"

8-"(I Can't Get No) Playin' Time" feat Sean Williams

9-"Dish The Rock? (Suck My C*ck)" feat Da Sean Williams

10-"I Trey, All Damn Day" feat Tha Mayor

11-"Wyatt Earp 2010 (Hell’s comin’ wit)"

12-"The Beatdown [In the Name of My Baby Girl]" feat Mary J. Blige

13-"I’d Rather have a Philly Cheese Steak" [skit]

14-"The Tea Party" feat Hak

15- Outro [Tha Cuse is in the House] feat The Syracuse Orange Men's Basketball Team.