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Well Hello There, Skip. Nice To See You Again.

The Syracuse Head Coach Sexy-O-Meter lasted for only five glorious days but in that time, Skip Holtz was among the top two candidates on it every single day.  Skip Holtz seemed like sure a no-brainer to replace Greg Robinson as the next coach at Syracuse, even Kige Ramsey knew it

So when Skip spurned the Orange so he could focus on growing East Carolina into a perennial power, it stung.  Of course, we've since gotten over it but the fact remains.  Holtz looked at Syracuse and thought to himself..."Meh, not good enough."

Skippy finally found something good enough as he decided to take the South Florida job today, replacing Jim Leavitt.  It provides a nice undercurrent of built-in motivation for SU fans.  Again, not that we're unhappy with Marrone, but Holtz is officially the guy who turned SU down so he could coach at a football program that didn't exist fifteen years ago.  You can bet that's going to come up once or twice when the Orange and Bulls square off next season.

The really great news about the move.  This opens up the dream scenario of Mike Leach coaching the East Carolina Pirates.  Make it happen!