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You Steal From Mookie Jones, You Steal From All Of Us

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Not since the Great Andy Rautins break-in of '09 has the Syracuse sports community been so rocked by a home invasion.  While he was playing his best game as a Syracuse Orange, Mookie Jones' apartment was ransacked.

Syracuse University basketball player Theodore "Mookie" Jones’ apartment was burglarized while he was at Rutgers University, where he played a season-high 22 minutes and scored 11 points Wednesday night.

Hours before the game, a friend called to tell him of the break-in at his on-campus apartment. A picture of his 1-year-old daughter was removed from a wall and taken, along with a television, video game player and video games, police said.

Now, I've watched enough Criminal Minds to know what's going on here.  Syracuse Police, my profile is ready.

The Unsub knows Mookie Jones and is familiar with his schedule.  Mookie says he left his apartment unlocked before leaving on the Rutgers trip.  A friend was checking the apartment every couple hours, but that left plenty of time for the Unsub to walk right in and take what they wanted.  They also would have known that Mookie's roommates are all gone on winter break.

Forget about the TV, video game system and video games, a photo of his daughter was taken.  WTF?  Why in the world would someone do that?  Because they know how valuable it is to Mookie.  This was a personal affront. Especially when you consider none of his roommates' items were taken.

My Profile:

  • The Unsub is male (15 - 45).
  • He knows Mookie personally. 
  • He likes playing video games. 

Syracuse Police, you're welcome.  Mookie...chin up.  I know that feeling.