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Sooner Or Later, Everyone Goes West Coast

Back in January, when Doug Marrone was still an unknown quantity around these parts, he sat down with The New York Times' Pete Thamel to talk about the new gig.  The topic of offensive scheme came up, and well, you'll see.

Q. ...Part of Robinson’s downfall was that he came in and said they were going to run a West Coast offense when they had more option personnel.

Marrone. You’re not allowed to say that word.

Q. Which One?

Marrone. West Coast. I told all the coaches. Really, if you look at what it says the New Orleans Saints are. If you look under New Orleans, it says West Coast. I don’t know if anyone has got to that. At the Saints, we were the most vertical passing team in the league. It wasn’t a short passing game.

Everybody on the same page here?  We do NOT say West Coast.  Not ever.  Not for any reason.  When Syracuse travels to play USC, they will playing on the Not East Coast. Clear? 

Newly-hired WR coach Rob Moore, you got that?

"One of the things we talked about is where he saw the offense heading. And we're going back to a traditional West Coast Offense."


Moore said so in his interview that's posted on the SU Athletics' site (H/T to Donnie for noticing).  Since Doug Marrone is hiding out in a bunker deep within the Appalachian Mountains (assumed), there's no way to verify this so we'll just have to assume it's true.  Commence praying to whatever higher power you want that we're not talking about the version that existed inside those Dome walls between '05 - '08.