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Rutgers Basketball Is Having A Tough Go Of It

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I almost feel bad about what No. 5 Syracuse is going to do to Rutgers on Wednesday.  Almost. I mean, just listen to what's going on over there...

From Bad To Worse:

You think Rutgers loss on Wednesday to West Virginia was bad?  How about this:  Rutgers C Greg Echenique will transfer from Rutgers.

Echenique started in seven games for the Scarlet Knights this season before being lost for the season with a detached retina.  He was averaging 12.7 PPG and 7.7 RPG before the injury.

Can’t blame him:

It’s come to where I’m actively rooting against the men’s basketball program in every contest. They desperately need a change this year, instead of waiting for things to further crumble and make the eventual, inevitable rebuilding that much more difficult. In that context, I very much welcome the other shoe finally dropping.

We’ve been working the phones the past couple of days and we keep hearing how disgruntled Mike Rosario is, and how the chances of him leaving the program after this season are rising by the day.

No hope, none whatsoever:

With Syracuse fans sure to pack the RAC Orange on Wednesday, I was going to joke around with them about how they were all going to help pay Coach Schiano’s salary. Now I just hope that they’re charitable enough to bring a few sympathy "FIRE HILL" signs. I can’t imagine that any Rutgers fans, who did their all in showing up for Cincinnati, are going to bother attending.

If you attend Wednesday's game at the RAC, make sure you check any Rutgers fans in your vicinity and take their belts, shoelaces and loose-fitting garments.  It's for their own protection.

Oh, and all of that doesn't even get into the strange Facebook ramblings of former Knight J.R. Inman Inman penned "the most controversial Note you've ever read," which also happened to be the most poorly-written note you've ever read, all about what an "asswhole" Fred Hill is.  It's chocked full of strange choices of words, including...

"It took 3 years for Fred Hill to cook his steak of turmoil but the check for the dinner is coming due."

I swear to God I didn't write that.  But I wish I did.