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If You Want To Coach Syracuse Football, You Have To Play It First

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For Doug Marrone, the appreciation for coaching specifically at Syracuse is high on his list of attributes that he looks for in an assistant.  It's what he holds dear himself about the job.  So it should come as no surprise these days when we hear some of the leading candidates for the open assistant coaching positions could be filled by former SU players. 

We already know former SU RB David Walker is on our shortlist for the RB job.  Now comes new that former SU WR Rob Moore could be a candidate for the open WR coach position

Former Syracuse great Rob Moore (1987-89) is "definitely in the mix" for the vacant Orange wide receiver position on head coach Doug Marrone's staff, according ot Moore was on campus shadowing the team and staff during the 2009 spring practice session.

There you go.  Want to know who's going to fill the other open coaching positions?  Just scroll through the Syracuse rosters between the years 1980 and 1995.  Chances are your candidates will be in there.

Whoever fills those spots, expect to do so soon.  Orange Fizz took a look at the American Football Coaches Association Convention currently going on in Orlando.  Lots of coaches mixing and mingling it up.  SU staff are certainly on hand, especially given that yesterday morning there was a "Syracuse University Staff Meeting Private Function." Juice and coffee were served, no doubt.

Update:  It's official, Rob Moore is the new SU wide receivers coach.  Welcome back, Rob.(H/T: Matt Mc)