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Daily Links - Paulus Trends & Challenges

Syracuse University Athletics: SU Official Football Blogger - Home Opener
SU Football's official blogger adds his first post and it's...very good, actually.

"paulus" trends in Twitter with Trendistic
See the trends chart for 'paulus' on Twitter.

Big East football's opening weekend -
How did the other Big East football teams fare in college football's opening weekend? Mostly well, except for Rutgers.

Syracuse fans are issued a stern warning for their sissified use of keys as noisemakers against Minnesota...the Office of Proper Spectating shall attribute fault for the loss to key-jangling, a despicable and lazy practice known as "The Michigan Yell" that should be eliminated immediately.

Welcome to the Greg Paulus Challenge: Gentlemen, Start Your Defensive Ends - The Rivalry, Esq.
The concept is clear. Whichever team smacks Paulus around the best, wins.

'Yankee Bowl' still very much in play for Big East - Big East - ESPN
The Big East would be a partner with the game and would help it grow into something bigger. The game would be played at Yankee Stadium, and though it could start out as a lower-level bowl game, it could eventually climb the ladder for the Big East.

Syracuse University Athletics - Yellow Jacket Turned Orange: Hemingway Joins Syracuse Women's Basketball
Former Georgia Tech guard Iasia Hemingway has enrolled at Syracuse University as a member of the Orange women’s basketball team head coach Quentin Hillsman announced.

I hope you got your hugs in this weekend while they were free.  SU charges $9.99 per hug from here on out.