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Somehow, Someway, This Dome Will Be Sold Out

You know what, I don't really want to know HOW SU Athletics is moving so many tickets for the Syracuse-Minnesota game tomorrow.  At this point if the stadium is sold out and orange-t-shirted-butts are in the those seats, so be it.

Minnesota UPDATE!!! ONLY 3,617 tickets left to go.

That was posted around 4pm EST on Friday and now that they're so close, you can expect them to do their best to will the Dome into selloutitude for tomorrow.


And if by some chance you're STILL undecided on whether or not you should go, SU Athletics brought out the big psychological guns in the #1 reason to attend SU-Minnesota e-mail you probably received today.  The Jewish Mother Guilt Attack:


"Fine, don't come, see if I care.  Just know that EVERYONE WILL BE THERE AND WILL BE DISAPPOINTED AND I'LL LOOK LIKE A FOOL.  But by all means...stay home.."