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Fight The Carrier Dome Beer Policy Menace

If sports are about anything, it's public service.  We are here for you, the dear reader.  You, who cannot possibly take on The Establishment all by yourself.  You fight day in and day out to know the right way to live.  You do the best you can.  But, judging by what you're wearing right now, your best isn't good enough.  Sorry.

That's where we come in.  We want to help make your life better.  We want to make it easier.  And we want to make sure you can attend Syracuse football games knowing that the environment around you is the best it can be.

There's a couple issues that the Syracuse bloggers will be tackling in upcoming campaigns but it's about a very special one in particular.

Brian Harrison and John Brennan of the "popular" Syracuse blog Orange::44 have taken this step to bring awareness and hopefully change a tragic rule in the Carrier Dome. Watch the video below, and hopefully follow the steps to help change this travesty. Spread the word and let's change this sad and unfortunate policy.

No means no, you guys.  The more you know...