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Syracuse Fans United

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While the ticket sales rise inside the Dome, there's quite a few Syracuse fans who won't be inside to enjoy (hopefully) the festivities.  We transplants will have to watch from afar on Saturday.  But it doesn't mean we have to do it alone.

Below is a list of all of the major city (and not-so-major city) Syracuse bars that I'm aware of.  Add any that are missing to the comments and I'll add them to the post as well.  Also leave a comment if you're in a city not listed and need to find a spot to congregate, free of Minnesota fans. 

Also for those who won't be attending the game itself, we will be LIVE-BLOGGING right here on Saturday, bright and early (for me, anyway).  We'll be chatting via the comment system, which, sounds bulky but is actually pretty easy.  The comments auto-update if you haven't already noticed so there's no need to refresh.  Just scroll, baby.

Albany, NY - Legends

Atlanta, GA - Hudson Grille (Perimeter Mall)

Boston, MA - Pour House

Brockport, NY - C & S Saloon

Buffalo, NY - Benchwarmers

Burbank, CA - Barney's Beanery

Chicago, IL - Gamekeepers

Denver, CO - Blake Street Tavern

Indianapolis, IN - Majors Sports Cafe (Carmel)

Long Island, NY - The Main Event

Manhattan, NY (Upper East Side) - East End Bar and Grill

Manhattan, NY (Midtown) - The Blarney Rock

Miami, FL (Davie)  - Miller's Ale House

Newport Beach, CA - Sharkeez

Northern NJ - Miami Mike’s Sports Bar

Philadelphia, PA - Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse (formerly Barrister's Bar & Grille)

Portland, OR - Macadam's Bar & Grill

San Diego, CA - Players Sports Bar

San Francisco, CA - Kezar Sports Pub

Santa Monica, CA - The Parlor

Sante Fe, NM - The Catamount

Seneca Falls, NY - Dewey's 3rd Ward Tavern (hang with Kenny!)

Washington, D.C. - Sign of the Whale