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The 120 Should Probably Factor In "Wins" More

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Behold!  The CBSSports 120!

The 120 rankings take into account the strength of schedule ranking and votes from our staff of writers, editors and producers. All of these elements combine to give you the most authoritative, definitive ranking of all 120 Div. FBS teams in the nation.

It's a poll for a new generation!  This ain't your Daddy's poll!  And other such exclamations!

Of course, when it comes to college football ranking systems, it's flawed (Except for the BlogPoll, obviously).  Case in point?  Behold...again!

#71 - Northwestern (2-2)

#82 - Syracuse (2-2)

That's weird.  Cause if I remember correctly, Syracuse beat Northwestern.  Hmmm...yeah...yeah, I think they did.

Well, you know, maybe that's not enough.  If only they had a common opponent we could compare.  Oh wait!  Both teams played #41 Minnesota, perfect!  Wait...that still doesn't make sense because although Syracuse only lost by 3 to the Gophers, Northwestern lost by 11.

So weird!

I mean, to be fair, says they also factor in things such as Strength of Schedule.  I'm sure that must be the reason for the discrepancy...

SOS #36 - Syracuse

SOS #102 - Northwestern

So wierd!

You know what, maybe we're not looking at this poll clearly enough.  Let's expand the data a little.  Take Rutgers for example.  Now, the Scarlet Knights played Cincy and got absolutely crushed.  Then they played two of the cupcakiest cupcakes ever to cupcake their way through college football.  Then they struggled with and eventually put away #91 Maryland.  Not an impressive resume by any stretch.  Looking at their SOS, it's #98.  Yikersoo.  Considering Syracuse is #82 overall with a 2-2 record, I can't imagine where Rutgers and their unimpressive four-game set are.  I mean, I wonder if they even made the list...

#55 - Rutgers.

Excuse me, 120, I need some air...

H/T: Alex