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Doug Marrone's Word Of The Week

Ladies and gentlemen, the word of South Florida week is...important

No, I mean that's actually the word.  Important.

I'm not describing the word of the week as an important word.  I'm literally saying the word is important.  Get it?

What word?  THAT word.  Important!  Important is the word.  It happens to be an important word but I'm telling you the word is important.

Who's on Third?

"I think it's important to win than to be.500 going into the BIG EAST. That's more important. Is it important to be at 500? It would be more important to be 3-1. It would be great if we were 4-0. It's important for us to win and we've won a lot of different ways."

(By the way, this is a tremendous sponsorship opportunity.  The Salsarita's Fresh Cantina Doug Marrone Word of the Week has a nice ring to it.)

And of course, since we're talking about Doug Marrone and press conferences...let's get tremendous:

I appreciate the support from our fans, showing up to the game again and the support we get from the band and cheerleaders, they do a tremendous job.

Hats off to Maine, they did a tremendous job, they converted on their fourth downs and they did a nice job.

Our defense has done a tremendous job with holding opponents down to under 100 yards and forcing teams to throw...

South Florida, from watching them the past day and a half, they have great talent, they're playing with terrific effort, and it’s a team we haven't beaten, so it's a tremendous challenge for our football team.

When teams are able to run the ball and you can get this mixture, it creates a tremendous amount of pressure on a defense.

This team has tremendous talent, not only upfront, but all over the field.

It creates a tremendous challenge for us.

Everyone knows it's not a secret that Florida State has tremendous athletes.

We've gotten tremendous production out of the players who have taken his spot when he wasn’t in there, and we look forward to Arthur coming back and helping us.

They know we have a tremendous challenge.

Tremendous as always, coach.