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Where Are All The Cincinnati Bloggers?

A little off-track here but bear with me.

Cincinnati is ranked 10th in the nation in the latest AP Poll.  By all accounts and based on what we've seen so far, there is a legitimate chance than the Bearcats could run the table from here on out.  They don't look amazing, they just look good enough to possibly sail through the Big East.  If that happens, dare I say Cincy would be looking at a shot at the national title?  The way everyone else is losing left and right, you'll probably be hard-pressed to make a case for keeping the Bearcats out.  Plus it's not like their OOC schedule was Oregon State and hosting Fresno State were no gimmes. 

But that's not the issue here.  The issue is that, let's face it, Cincinnati is the marquee football program in the Big East at this point in time.  Best not to fight it.  In the last two years, no one has a better resume and no one has done better.  Brain Kelly, get paid, here or elsewhere. 

So that begs my question...why aren't there any Cincinatti bloggers?

Sure, there's newspaper blogs, but they don't count.    There's something called BearcatNews but that's just an aggregator.  I don't consider the Rivals site one either.  I'm talking about an independent, passionate Cincy fan who writes daily, obsessive updates about how much of a better man Brian Kelly is than your Dad. I'm talking about the guy who's going to bat for Tony Pike as a Heisman candidate.  I'm talking about the guy who's so pissed off that Cincy doesn't get any respect that he's pulling out every stat, image and piece of proof he can find to prove why they should be. Or at least faking it.

You're telling me that there isn't a Cincy grad who wants to be writing about this team and this program right now?  They teach English there, yes?  Creative writing?  Communications?  Cincy is an accredited university and not just a rogue athletics program...correct?  So how is someone not stepping up?  It doesn't take much.  Sign up for Blogger, learn the difference between bold and italic and start writing.  Done.

Hell, we've got so many Syracuse blogs out there we could pick sides for a Varsity Blogging Team, make a depth chart three-deep and still have enough leftover for a JV team.  (Varsity and JV of what???)  Cincy can't find one?

As a Big East fan, it's little things like this that bug me.  And it's little things like this that make you realize why people see our conference the way they do.  Hell, even Iowa State, Northern Illinois, Bowling Green and Maine have their own bloggers.  Yet the football program that will probably represent us in the BCS for the 2nd-straight year....nada.

In the meantime, about the closest thing I can find is Ohio Sports Fan Blog, which covers a little bit of everything.  It's a good start, but the #10 football team in the nation and the best team in the Big East deserves it's own page.  Who's gonna step up and give it to them?

One of these screaming lunatics perhaps?