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Greg Paulus: Best Syracuse QB Ever?

Okay, maybe not in terms of history or memorable moments or championships or even wins...but check out this nugget from Dave Rahme:

Despite being away from the sport for five years, Paulus is averaging 222 passing yards per game, behind only Marvin Graves’ school-record average of 231.5 in 1993. The last time an SU starter averaged more than 200 was Donovan McNabb in 2007 (207.3). If he maintains his current pace Paulus will end the season with 2,664 yards, a school record. Remarkable.


Remember, it's not like Paulus is pulling a Matt Grothe and putting up these numbers against Wofford and Directional Florida Tech A&M.  He's played three Big Ten teams as part of this schedule.  All the more impressive.

At what point do Pat Forde, Anonymous Big East Coach and everyone else who painted Paulus' one-year reign as a spectacular failure-in-the-making get on their knees and start slurping?  Any day now will be just fine...