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Syracuse Basketball Team Lead Nation In "Chillen-ability"

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Bigtime basketball recruit Tobias Harris has been spending the weekend in Syracuse with the basketball team, getting to know the atmosphere, team dynamic and lay of the land.  He took in the Maine game, met with academic folks and did a lot of "chillen."  I mean, A LOT of "chillen."  Don't believe me?  Just check his Twitterfeed:

Just chillen right now .. football game soon

Chillen in the room right now

Chillen with the cuse boys .. We tryna find somethin to do right now

I'm going to guess that the guys on the basketball team were able to find an appropriate, classy, completely-legal activity to pass the time and keep young Tobias at bay and instill in him a desire to have future chillen sessions in Upstate New York.

Just to make sure, even one very special non-current player wanted to make sure Tobias got in his requisite chillen now, just in case there isn't enough time for chillen later:

you bette get used to not sleeping, cause soon as you hit college it's on!!! yeeeeeaaaaaaaa

Incidentally enough, Tobias was in fact not chillen but doing what he might just spend the next few years doing instead:

@J_Flynn lol I knoow man ...i'm going to be up all night playing basketball @ w_Johnson and @scoopjardine11 and@krisjo32.. I'am! Lol