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Maine is so boring I can't even think of anything to make fun of them about. #BeatMaine

I love Maine. It's the only state in the union that provides comprehensive civil rights to moose. #BeatMaine.

If you're from Maine, you're not a "Mainer" or a "Mainian." You're a "Cocksucker." #BeatMaine

A comprehensive list of things to do when you're in Maine: 1. Milk a moose. 2. Visit Vermont. #BeatMaine

Maine: It's like Canada, but less adorable. #BeatMaine

Maine's football unis are made of the coziest LL Bean fleece. #BeatMaine

Maine likes its population like it likes its chowder. Creamy white with just a hint of bitter tears. #BeatMaine

Maine is why Forrest Gump ran from one seaboard to the next, he didn't want to be stuck in Maine. #BeatMaine

It's so cute that Maine has a legislature and governor and all, just like a real state. #BeatMaine

Maine: Now with indoor plumbing! #BeatMaine

Maine? More like... secondary! Ooooooh! #BeatMaine

Maine-It's what #SHAMARKO eats for dinner #BeatMaine

Maine originally wanted its mascot to be the "Pervert Furries Dressed as Black Bears" but that didn't fit on the jerseys. #BeatMaine

Maine: The Deep South of the Northeast. #BeatMaine

In Maine, moose shit isn't just a public nuisance but also valuable currency. #BeatMaine

In Maine, a gathering of nine moose is called a "Supreme Court." #BeatMaine

Maine is the kind of place where ugly is considered pretty. #BeatMaine

#BeatMaine Because they're basically Canadians and were originally settled by the French.

UMaine was founded in 1862 by the Morrill Act, signed by Abe Lincoln. Lincoln was shot and killed soon thereafter. Coincidence? #BeatMaine

Stephen King said that the co-eds at UMaine were his basis for Cujo. #BeatMaine

Moosefuckers. #BeatMaine

UMaine Football Slogan, Something to do before Hockey Season, eh! #BeatMaine

In Portland, on the side of the road you can buy lobster and underachievment. #BeatMaine

#BeatMaine, cause let's face it, you forgot it was even there before this week.

UMAINE, Everyone's Homecoming Game! #BeatMaine

#BeatMaine Maine, we made it a State so we didn't have to buy lobsters from Canada.

UMAINE, Where the Men are Men and the Women Play Off. Tackle. #BeatMaine

Maine's biggest exports are Shipyard Beer and that feeling of being underwhelmed. #BeatMaine

Maine, not good enough to be part of Massachusetts since 1820. #beatmaine

Maine Football: It's like good clean fun, if by good you mean horrible, and by clean you mean inappropriate touching. #BeatMaine

Maine, Home of No Relevant Contribution to our Country. #BeatMaine

Maine: Where Deliverance is regarded as a historical documentary. #BeatMaine

Maine elects their governor based on who has the biggest moose head on their mantle. #BeatMaine

Maine: Indoor plumbing since 1999...for 1/8th of the state. #BeatMaine

If a moose and a black bear got in a fight, who would win? The answer is Shamarko. #BeatMaine

Maine: Beacause the 21st Century isn't for everyone #BeatMaine

U of Maine slogan: "One Family - Literally and in every possible way" #beatmaine

Misery was originally the name of a Stephen King book detailing the first 60 years of Maine football. #BeatMaine

Why black bears? Because you're more likely to see one then a good looking coed on campus. #BeatMaine

UMaine: Scabies-free Since 1982 #BeatMaine

The idea for Stephen King's The Mist comes from his seeing a group of UMaine sorority sisters emerge from the fog one night #BeatMaine

"The Dead Zone" was initially what Stephen King called the end zone at Maine games. As in there was never anyone in it. #BeatMaine

"The Running Man" was the name Stephen King gave to any opposing team's RB, who would usually have a career day against Maine. #BeatMaine

Maine, where David Paterson would be considered a brilliant politician. #BeatMaine

Twas not Pres. Andrew Jackson who caused the Native Americans to move west, but the establishment of Sororities at UMaine...#BeatMaine

Maine uses "statehood" to avoid "third world" designation #beatmaine

If Canada is America's hat, is Maine it's unsightly yet benign wart? #BeatMaine

Maine players are so bad, Greg Robinson didn't recruit them...wait #beatmaine