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Syracuse vs. Maine Official Prediction

There's no spread for tomorrow's game between the Syracuse Orange and Maine Black Bears. While we'd all love to think it's because Syracuse is so heavily-favored that no number could possibly convince gamblers to bet against them, it's really more because they don't set lines for FBS vs. FCS match-ups. A couple people have located -21 lines or something therein but as far as I can tell that's not official.

Anyway, the point is that everyone expects the Orange to win. Maine is a decent 1-AA team, for sure. But still..there's absolutely no reason to think SU can't defeat them. It might not be a blowout where we're all not even paying attention to the game anymore by the time the 4th quarter starts, but no Syracuse fan expects this one to be in doubt by then either (should probably shut my mouth now).

Hell, even last year's team beat a 1-AA opponent by 9. Surely this team can at least double that.

Brian over at O44 put in his prediction earlier and he's got the right idea:

Ball security was a problem last week, and if it is again, Syracuse will have a long day. However, this should not be the case as Marrone has worked with the team all week on it, and there should be little to stop the chemistry of Greg Paulus and Mike Williams continuing. Look for a big day for the Syracuse offense and continue this win streak to two games. Syracuse over Maine 34 to 10.

I made a prediction earlier in the week in the same ballpark. Syracuse 31, Maine 13. I'm sticking to it. It's just enough scoring so that the Syracuse offense has a solid statistical outing and we'll allow that Maine will probably find it's way into or near the endzone enough to make it respectable.

Now it's your turn...