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Akron Not Quite As Zippy This Season

Last year, junior QB Chris Jacquemain went 20-26 for 260 yards and 3 TDs in Akron's 42-28 win over Syracuse. If there was one player on the Zips' roster that would give SU fans trepidation heading into the rematch in a few weeks, it would be him.

Guess it works out then that he has been officially dismissed from the team for the dreaded "violation of team policy."  It marks the end of one the best QB careers in school history.

For his career, he completed 411-of-718 passes for 4,691 yards, 35 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. The completions, attempts and yards each rank fourth in school history.

Still no word on what exactly he did, but whatever it was, it was a big deal. Recruiting coordinator and running backs coach Reno Ferri and backup defensive lineman Cowles Stewart were also disciplined.  Ferri has been placed on administrative leave and Stewart was suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of a felonious assault charge last month.  How or if any of these items are related remains to be seem.

When Akron comes back to the Dome on 10/24, they'll be a program in the middle of a tumultuous season that will likely be even worse by then. Akron is already 1-2, including a loss to Indiana.  Any list of excuses the Orange might have had last season has officially evaporated.

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