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It's Nice To Be The Big, Bad Wolf For Once

It's not often Syracuse gets to play the role of the aggressor.  The big and bad football power that our opponent doesn't stand a chance against.  I know it's not entirely true, but, Maine is going to treat us as such so we might as well revel in it.

"You watch the tape, and they’re playing the game the way it should be played," Cosgrove said about Syracuse as his Black Bears prepare to face the Orange on Saturday night. "They’re playing hard, they’re playing fast, they’re playing with enthusiasm and excitement. We talked about it as a staff. I remember watching them last year. What a difference! There just wasn’t that level of enthusiasm."

There is now among the resurgent Orange (1-2), who defeated Big Ten foe Northwestern 37-34 a week ago and are aiming to bring the program to .500 for the first time since a 34-14 win three years ago over Miami of Ohio left them at 2-2.

They for Maine to have any kind of shot in the game is their rushing attack. Unfortunately for them, that's also Syracuse's strong point on defense.

Maine relies heavily on its run game and is averaging 199.3 yards per game behind tailback Derek Session, who leads the team in rushing with 314 yards, or 104.7 per game.

Something will have to give. The Orange defense is allowing only 81 rushing yards per game, tied for 19th-best in the country.

Donnie Webb spent the morning discussing the game and the Maine fight song with Gomez & Dave while the Daily Orange boys are back to preview the game as well.  The Orange Fizz spoke with SU assistant coach Bob Casullo who reminds us all that despite the expectations, the Orange aren't looking past Maine.  And that is the difference between this team and previous ones.