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The Syracuse Football Team Would Have Loved The Lilith Fair

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Last week we found out that, if stranded on a deserted island, all Greg Paulus could ever want for is a Carrie Underwood CD.  Today, a quick-hit interview with Syracuse DE Arthur Jones was posted over on Aditi Kinkhabwala's Big East Sports blog and we learned once and for all that the SU football team really isn't interested in any music that can't be heard on the local Top 40 station.

Best pre-game song is… "a little Kelly Clarkson."

Look.  Arthur.  Who among us hasn't belted out the chorus to Since U Been Gone while alone in their car?  Obviously, we all have (yes?).  She's full of such relatable angst!

But we don't say that!  We say we only listen to Mastodon and Toxic Holocaust.  We probably even say we like Weezy (he's still relevant, yes?).  You know, cause the kids like it.

First rule of secretly enjoying Kelly Clarkson is we don't talk about liking Kelly Clarkson.  Especially if that's not even the most embarrassing song on our iPod:

Song I don’t want to admit is on my iPod… "YMCA."

Arthur Jones moonlights as a Bar Mitzvah DJ.  Who knew?

H/T: Bleed Scarlet