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Jonny Flynn Needs Your Help

Not on the basketball court. Not in working out his contract. Not in regards to which endorsements he should align himself with. Not even on where to live.

Jonny might be considering a tattoo and he needs your help in talking himself out of it.


Opinions have been varied and...interesting.

bro dont do it think of marbury

rule number 1 jonny, never ask a general public for their opinion, lmao you get no where

Go 2bed

Yea get otto on your back kid.....or sean williams

some thoughts stay with ya for life dude. like 'cuse

you're in the NBA, don't hesitate to do it.

as long as it is a good memory...Like an SU tatoo.....

Ever see an old person with a muddy, distorted tatt? That could be you some day!

Lots of people saying Jonny should get a tattoo of something he'll never forget, which...seems to defeat the purpose, but...sure. If you ask me, I say you get a tattoo of Ricky Rubio. This way every time Dave Kahn sees you, he still gets his 2-for-1 deal.

Jonny awaits your feedback. In the meantime, he'll just be chillin'. Watching Oprah.