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May Day! May Day!

I can think of a couple times we've lost via a field goal since but you'd have to back to 1989 for the last time Syracuse won a game by a last-second field goal.  And to the untrained eye, it certainly looked like Syracuse didn't know what the hell to do as it lined up for the final kick.  Alas, you imbecile...all part of the plan, according to Donnie Webb.

Head coach Doug Marrone said after the game the May Day drill was covered in practice on Friday for just such an occasion.

"Absolutely," said Casullo when asked if the Orange was prepared for its big moment.

..."There was no panic. There was no panic. It’s a well rehearsed play.  It’s a well orchestrated play. There was no panic. Everybody knew what to do and everybody executed on and off the field alignments. We kicked the ball. I don’t know what else to tell you other than it was a well-executed play."

The practice paid off as the play worked just about as well as anyone could have anticipated.  The kick was good. The clock read three zeros.  Syracuse had won.  Huzzah and kudos.