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The Quest For Toronto: Week Three

Last week The Quest was beginning to show it's usual early-season signs of flailing.  We were right on schedule to end our noble search for bowl riches north of the border by Week Seven, as we've done the last couple years.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the Big East basement...WE WON!  And we've still got Maine and Akron ahead of us!  And the Big East looks more vulnerable every day!

Folks, I know one win does not bowl eligibility make, but this thing suddenly looks do-able again.


Think about it.  We've got to win five of the next nine games in order to go bowling, right? 

  • Maine?  By all accounts, this is a win.
  • South Florida? Tough call but suddenly Syracuse has a QB with more experience than the Bulls and it's at home.
  • West Virginia? We always (well, usually) play WVU tough at home and clearly they're not the power they used to be.
  • Akron?  Should be a win.
  • Cincy?  Okay, that's a toughie.  Probably shouldn't bank on that one.
  • Pittsburgh?  Another toughie.  Then again, it's Pittsburgh.  They're known for losses like this.
  • Louisville?  Obviously, we can beat them.
  • Rutgers?  When they're not playing high schools, they look awfully beatable to me.
  • UConn?  Nothing special from what I've seen lately.

Folks, keep the Toronto Best Western phone number handy.  Just in case.