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The Less We Know Of Greg, The Better

There are times when you want to know your favorite athletes like they're your best friend.  You want them to like the same things you like.  You want to get inside their heads and know what makes them tick.  You want that sense of kinship, like you're not just a fan, you're teammates.

Then, there are times you find out the inner workings of your team's star player and realize you were just better off not knowing.

In the future, September 28th to be exact, Greg Paulus will share with the world the answers to many in-depth questions about his personality, likes and dislikes.  Somehow, through a tear in the space-time continuum perhaps, those answers are available to us now.  Let's have a look...though I warn won't like what you find.

Favorite book as a child?
Oh The Places You'll Go

So far so good.  Apropos, even. 

All-time favorite SU athlete?
Donovan McNabb

Again, good stuff.

Favorite building on campus?
Newhouse and Manley

Okay...question was for one (1) building.  But, I're new still.  Still figuring some things out.  Fine.

Favorite pro sports team?
Yankees and Colts

Oh boy.  Sure you don't want to add the Cavaliers, Florida football, Red Wings and Brazil soccer to the list? 

Favorite TV show character?
Jerry Seinfeld

What?!?  Jerry Seinfeld?  Over George?  And even Elaine? 

Favorite musical artist/group?
Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban

Oh God, I need to sit down...

What is one thing you would do if you could trade places with Coach Marrone for a day?
I might want to go back in time with him and experience some of the experiences that he's had in the NFL.

Dammit, Greg, listen to the question!  It's not "if you could go back in time with him," it's "if you could trade places with him!"  No one said anything about time travel!  We're in the here and now.  Live for today, Greg!  Isn't that what Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban are always singing about?  Yes?  I have no idea so I'm asking.

H/T: Jameson