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The Meldrum Conundrum


Yesterday word came out from SU that starting right tackle Jonathan Meldrum was being held out of practice for an injury his upper arm.  It was serious enough that the release noted surgery was not required.  Doug Marrone's newly-shuffled offensive line had to shuffle once more and prepare for the likelihood that Meldrum would miss this weekend's game.  Tucker Baumbach moved into the spot and the Orange practiced without Meldrum on Wednesday.

Now Donnie reports that Meldrum is back in pads today (though Donnie says today is Thursday in his article and, unless he is writing from the future, I'm pretty sure today is Wednesday).  It wasn't known if he participated in drills or practice but its a sign at least that he's gonna give it a go.

Hopefully, Meldrum is in good enough shape to play on Saturday.  The Orange have some depth at O-line and not much, certainly not that much with game experience.